CMS Merchandise

All the items shown are available from our Marketing Manager, Nick O'Neil, unless otherwise stated. Please contact Nick via email to ensure we can satisfy your 'wish list' before sending money!

21st Anniversary Vase

As part of our 21st Anniversary celebrations, we commissioned the design and production of a stoneware vase (see picture). Each one is produced to order with a special feature, making it unique to the purchaser. The company producing the vase is the Burslem Pottery, a small highly specialised firm, working in high quality stoneware and based at Stoke On Trent. Each vase is hand painted, producing a high quality, unique product.

The price per vase is £250, inclusive of VAT and post/packing in the UK. (Overseas post/packing will obviously be higher). Anyone interested in purchasing a vase should contact Bill Greenwood.

Magazine & Card Binders

Shown here to display the different sizes, the magazine binders (on the left in the picture) have been popular for some years now and are available at £13.50 each (plus postage).

We have recently added the card binders (on the right of the picture), mainly to complement our meeting cards (see below) and offer them a suitable home for storage. These, too, have become very popular and can accommodate any card up to 100mm x 150mm. Available at £7.50 each (plus postage).


The members' tie is available as shown (far left) in blue for £7 plus postage

Also available are a few remaining 10th Anniversary ties (near left), for £7 plus postage

Magazine Back Issues

There are a limited number of back issues of the magazine, available from the Secretary, Steve Cashmore at £2 each (plus postage)

Most of the early issues are now out of stock, so please contact Steve to ensure we have the issue number(s) you require.

Meeting Cards

Possibly our most popular item, our meeting cards have now reached issue number 87. Many are now sold out.

The list below is for information and shows all the cards so far issued. £5 each, all signed (plus postage). Those marked * are still available.


  1 Ken Higgs   26 Warren Hegg   51 Frank Hayes   76 Martin Speight*
  2 Tom Graveney   27 John Jameson   52 John Morris   77 Malcolm Nash*
  3 Neal Radford   28 Raman Subba Row   53 Peter Lever   78 Eric Russell*
  4 Micky Stewart   29 Geoff Pullar   54 Chris Old   79 Neil Foster*
  5 Colin Bland   30 Ken Shuttleworth   55 John Price   80 Dick Richardson*
  6 Harry Pilling   31 Farokh Engineer   56 John Lever   81 Shahid Mahboob*
  7 Alan Oakman   32 Brian Close   57 Sonny Ramadhin   82 Atiq-Uz-Zaman*
  8 Don Shepherd   33 Geoff Humpage   58 Eddie Hemmings   83 John Hampshire*
  9 Steve Watkin   34 Mike Brearley   59 Peter Walker   84 Les Taylor*
  10 Nick Cook   35 Ken Palmer   60 Alan Jones   85 David Steele*
  11 M.J.K. Smith   36 Roy Swetman   61 John Murray   86 Paul Downton*
  12 Bob Appleyard   37 Barry Wood   62 Doug Padgett*   87 John Shepherd*
  13 Dennis Amiss   38 Roy Tattersall   63 Mike Hendrick*   88 Chris Schofield*
  14 Bob Berry   39 Tom Graveney   64 Peter Gibbs   89 Jack Birkenshaw*
  15 'Bomber' Wells   40 Bill Frindall   65 Norman Gifford*   91 Chris Lewis*
  16 Tony Brown   41 Don Wilson   66 Steve Rhodes*   92 Richard Ellison*
  17 David Allen   42 Jim Parks   67 Damian D'Oliveira*   93 John Stephenson*
  18 Tom Graveney   43 John Snow   68 Pat Pocock   94 Richard Hutton*
  19 John Emburey   44 Jack Bond   69 (TBC)      
  20 Bob Blair   45 David Larter   70 John Bracewell*      
  21 Gladstone Small   46 Ron Headley   71 Peter Richardson      
  22 Jeff Jones   47 Roy Booth   72 Mark Ilott*      
  23 Simon Jones   48 Alan Moss   73 Alan Igglesden*      
  24 Reg Simpson*   49 Clive Radley   74 Arnie Sidebottom*      
  25 Derek Randall   50 Bob Taylor   75 Brian Bolus*