Our 'Appeals' page is a service for members (reflecting a similar page in our quarterly magazine). They can take the form of sharing or requesting information, requesting help in research, offering items for sale, indeed the scope is as wide as members require! If you wish to add your appeal here, please contact our Secretary.


Wanted: Sporting Sketches 1894/95 (Australian weekly magazine)

Any issue covering the games played by Stoddart’s touring side. Similarly, I am looking for reports on the Test Matches published contemporaneously in the Pall Mall Gazette. If you can help, please email Tony


Research - Can You Help?

Pat Rodgers is researching the life and career of Australian born John Alexander Cuffe who played one first class  match for NSW before playing for Worcestershire 1903-14, serving in WWI in the Worcester Regiment, playing Lancashire league cricket for Todmorden  in 1919 and Lowerhouse 1923-24, umpired first class cricket 1925-27, was the cricket coach at Wrekin College 1929-30 before being appointed coach at Repton school in 1931 when he drowned himself. If members have any information about Cuffe, please email Pat


Free Publications!

Member Mel Mehta is offering some publications (free of charge) to anyone willing to collect/arrange collection

The list can be downloaded here

Please contact Mel Mehta to arrange collection.


Research - Help Wanted

Member Ian Leslie is currently researching Derbyshire cricketers, and is seeking to obtain copies of the following in order to move forward with his work:-

Derbyshire CCC Annuals 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889

Derbyshire Guides 1919, 1920, 1921, 1925, 1926, 1929, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939

Azah: The Azahruddin Autobiography

The Midland Cricket Club (H. Henderson)

Grasmoor Cricket Club Centenary 1883-1983

Alfreton Miners Welfare Derbyshire 1983

Belper Meadows Cricket Club 1880-1980 (A Dixon)

Ian also seeks information regarding J Hodgkinson who played 1 match v MCC at Lord's in 1882. Any clubs he played for, DoB/DoD, birthplace, place of death etc.

If you can help, in the first instance please contact the Secretary, who will forward responses to Ian.


Sweaters Sought

Wanted - Kent, Glamorgan, Hants 1st XI sweaters for my collection.




Wanted - Worcestershire CCC yearbooks for 1934 and 1935. If you can help, please contact
Tim Jones



I'm trying to find a copy of the following book: The Golden Years, 1952-1977, Kilmarnock CC 125th anniversary (1977). John G Farmer.

Please contact Jonathan Ellis 



Signature - Nigel Howard

Please contact Malcolm Lowrie 



Signed Stamp Publicity postcards 465 Shane Shillingford, 573 Shaun Marsh, 574 Joe Burns, and 575 Daniel Worrall. Also Occasional Series No. 1 Verenda Sehwag

Please contact Colin Kightly 


Cricket Collectors

I am working on a project on cricket's collectors. I intend to get in touch with as many collectors as possible and understand how they got started, what keeps/kept them going, the prized possessions etc.
Interested collectors can email Mayukh Ghosh
Please note: Mayukh also seeks a copy of David Frith's book on cricket collectors, along with early CMS Magazines (1-30 especially)

Press photographs

I'm searching for press photographs from the England v Pakistan Test match at Leeds in 1971, in particular I'm interested in finding a photograph of the England team. Also interested in photographs from the following Tests if anyone has any for sale:

1967, England v India - all three Tests
1967, England v Pakistan, 1st Test at Lord's
1968, West Indies v England, 1st Test at Port of Spain, Trinidad.
1969, Pakistan v England, 3rd Test at Karachi

Please email Rob if you can help


A Lost Photo
As an amateur student of this great game of cricket for now around 40 years, I am somewhat compelled to make this communication regarding a particular photograph/picture that I have lost from the collection on account of a severe flood in 2007 (along with many other valuable pictures, but some of which I have managed to retrieve). Unfortunately, this particular picture, which I still hold so near to my heart, eludes me hands down, and all possible searches both in the UK and in India have not been of any help.
This picture is about the Manchester test in 1974, when HD Bird had to actually take out a pair of scissors (or a razor blade) to cut off batsman SM Gavaskar's hairs in the pitch itself as the batsman requested having been in problem for a strong wind. I had this picture in one of the vernacular magazines that I subscribed then, but unfortunately am unable to recall (more out of shock that I sustained with the loss of my collection rather than human fallibility) anything in details about the year or the issue in which it was published.
In such circumstances, could I request you, if it is possible to kindly help with that picture or alternatively, with the name of any publication that actually carried that picture? I am convinced that it was photographed by any of the Indian photographers, but published much later in any book or journal and may be, that anyone at your end might be able to recall precisely.
I should also mention that I am a strict amateur in my endeavours with this great game, and looking to regain this picture for my self satisfaction and studies, AND NOT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL USE.
I shall indeed remain ever grateful for any help that you may like to extend to end a period of extreme mental trauma.
With kindest regards
Ashru Mitra
email Ashru Mitra

Rob Franks - Research

Member Rob Franks is researching about HHL (Bert) Kortlang who played first-class cricket for Victoria (1910-12), Wellington (1922-27) and represented New Zealand in 1924. The globe-trotting sportsman also played cricket extensively on the east and west coasts of USA, as well as in Canada, Bermuda and Argentina. He was a billiards expert and even turned out for the Tottenham Hotspurs Baseball Club in 1908. If any members have information or photographs about Kortlang, then would you please email Rob

Tim Jones - Autographs

Wanted: signatures of Worcestershire players, all of whom played just one game for Worcestershire in 1946:
Philip Dorrell
Kenneth Mitchell
Herbert Edwards
Dennis Good - also played 3 matches for Glamorgan in 1947
Please email Tim Jones or call 07890 138682