CMS Award Of Excellence

Chalke CMS Award

At our meeting at Grace Road, Leicester, we were delighted to present the CMS Award of Excellence for 2020 to Stephen Chalke. This presentation was delayed by Covid. The 2021 CMS Award of Excellence was awarded to David Frith, who hopes to join us at Lord’s in November to receive his trophy.

Stephen Chalke has chronicled so many accounts by cricketers, especially from the county game, which would otherwise have been lost. He assisted Fred Rumsey with his book ‘Sense of Humour, Sense of Justice’ which includes the story of the foundation of the PCA and memorabilia which Fred had kept related to the PCA. Stephen told our meeting about the negotiations about the introduction of the Sunday League and how Fred Rumsey managed to secure extra payment of £400 per Summer after the MCC had originally offered £200.

On first being told of his award, Stephen said: ‘One of the great joys of being part of CMS is to help preserve the heritage of the game’.